Guidances in Prayer

Guidance World Leaders, especially President Donald Trump


ELCA Leaders, especially Bishop Elizabeth Eaton NC Synod Leaders, especially Bishop Tim Smith


Our Mission in Ministry at Low’s Trinity Lutheran Church Low’s Council Members Pastor John Mark Beam Members of the Huangpu Church and the Hankou Church in Wuhan


Those Serving Our Country in the Military Daniel Gray (nephew/Brian & Trish Polk) Chaplain Brian Stamm & family Jonathan Gray (nephew/Brian & Trish Polk) K. Chad Ingle Joe Tsicouris (brother-in-law/Bradley & Kim) Paul Culberson Jonathan Stevens, Rosa, Thayer & Grant - deployed Jeremy Phillips (son/David Phillips) - deployed


Those in Need of Physical Healing Joyce Beam (mother/Pastor John Mark) Lorna Burton Mary Brandon (mother/Diane Shoffner) Yvonne Gall Kristy Clanton (friend/Treva Hornaday) Steve Hill Corey Domine (son/Mike & Pat Domine) John Krantz Abby Fries (granddaughter/James & Kathy Fries) Janet Linens Muriel Hall (mother/Phyllis Carpenter) Doris Phillippie Mike Mitchell (friend/Clifton Fogleman) Nancy Shoffner Carson Reinhardt (great nephew/Brenda Hill) Jennifer Shoffner Ned Reinhardt (brother/Brenda Hill) Pastor Sam Shores Arnett Sykes Jr. (friend Freddie Reiber) Lynne Steele Lois Williams (aunt/Diane Shoffner) Spencer Williams Randy Williams (cousin/Diane Shoffner) Barbara Winchester


Those Who Are Mourning The family of Linda Dove (mother-in-law/Nick Walters) The family of Phyllis Shue (cousin/Diane Shoffner) The family of Doug Sockwell (grandfather/Tyler, Haley & Ally Fogleman) The family of Angie Walters (sister/Gerald Walters) Unable to Attend Worship Mildred Fields (Twin Lakes Memory Care) Molene Sharpe (at Terrie’s house) Frances Sharpe (at Liberty Commons) Sara Lou Shoffner (Brighton Gardens) Rivers Shoffner (at Alamance House) Other World Peace Military Personnel & their Families


The Unemployed Neglected Prisoners


Please utilize the appropriate area in the fellowship booklet or contact Pastor John Mark or Kathy Fries with any prayer concern changes. Most prayer concerns will be listed for 4 weeks unless otherwise notified.