Special Achievements and Announcements








BIRTHDAYS - Vicki Greeson (21), Dalton Shoffner (21), Katelynn Gerringer (22), Winnie Stafford (23), Frances Williams (23), Margot Jackson (24).


ANNIVERSARY - James & Kathy Fries (21), Roger & Phyllis Carpenter (23).


CARES -- Lee Huffman had a PET scan that showed he has a recurrence of cancer in three lymph nodes near his vocal cords. There is also an issue with his esophagus that may or may not be cancerous. The cancer is likely in the early stages and hasn't spread to his lungs. Before this recurrence Lee had been free of cancer for a bit over a year. Lee will be seeing an oncologist Tuesday to discuss
his tests and possible treatment options. Pastor Constance's brother, Daniel Garrett, had an appendectomy in Hawaii. He had severe abdominal pain and some colon blockage. It turned out he had a badly inflamed appendix and also a hiatal hernia. Mike Domine is almost back 100 percent and Corey Domine starts his chemo this week. The blessing is it is only one chemo type not two like the first round. Diane Shoffner's mother, Mary Brandon, moved back home after a stay at Peak Resources. She is still not well. Please keep Lee,
Daniel, Mike, Corey, Mary and Diane in your prayers.



FROM THE COUNCIL - Currently there is a little over $2,000 in the parking lot improvement fund. The parking lot is aging and hot and freezing weather continues to take a toll. We are letting the congregation know that contributions are welcome to make the work needed on the parking lot a reality. We will provide updates on the fund and work needed in coming weeks. if you would like to give please make a note on your check "parking lot fund". Thanks!



THE INSIDER - The Social Ministry Inreach Committee’s goal is to create fellowship opportunities for our church family. Please let Kim Sulecki know if you have any ideas. (524 - 4282) or email at: kimsulecki@gmail.com.



NEW ADDRESS - Pastor and Nadine Shores, 2721 Glasshouse Road,  Jamestown, NC 27282-7758.


ADDRESSES: Audrey Greeson - new address: 853 W. Main St., Apt. 330B, Charlottesville, VA 22903.  Correction: Molene Sharpe’s address: 5317 (not 53177) Friendship-Patterson Mill Rd. Burlington, NC 27215.



From the Mail Box
God has two dwellings —
one in Heaven and the other in a thankful heart.
To Our Church Family, We want to thank you for your special kindness acts, and most of all your prayers during this journey Spencer is going through. We are truly blessed to be a part of such a loving and caring church Family. God bless you all, The Williams Family
Since 1982, Allied Churches (ACAC) has successfully completed its mission to “House the Homeless and Feed the Hungry”. We are a beacon of hope for all those experiencing a housing crisis and or food insecurity. From your generosity in the amount of $150.00, we were able to provide over 2,950 hot meals in December. On behalf of the ACAC team, thank you for your generosity! Respectfully, Jai Baker, Director.

We Need Your Help! - The Chancel Flower Sign-Up Sheet for 2020 is posted on the bulletin board in the Education Building. Cost: $40.00. There are still 15 Sundays open. Remember Sundays that are not sponsored are paid from the general fund. Call to request special color arrangements: Russell Meadow Floral & Nature Farm—336-685-0321.
2020 Pictorial Church Directories are finished and are in your mail boxes. Thanks to Brenda Hill for all her hard work. If you would like an extra copy please see Brenda or Kathy.
Notice - As the seasons change, we are aware that the heating and cooling needs change for the church. If you have an event scheduled at the church, please contact Shannon Shoffner in advance so that he can program the thermostat for you. Shannon’s number is (336) 207-8413.


It is saddening to be unable to check in on loved ones who are homebound, especially those in nursing homes and assisted and independent living communities.  Please find creative ways to check in with them if possible—phone calls and cards can be done by anyone. And, if a neighbor or other person you know is in need and can’t get out to get essentials, please offer to go the store for them if you are not an at-risk individual.  Please let the Pastor know of their need if you are unable to help that person.


For children there is “Morning Watch—Kids!” on YouTube.  It is done by two Greensboro Lutheran pastors with help from some of their friends.  It is a light-hearted devotion with puppets and songs for young ones (there is also “Morning Watch”, a short devotional for adults). 


“God of Grace, and God of Glory”, Harry Emerson Fosdick, LBW #415 
In addition to our online services and devotions (thanks to Christy and Willie for recording those and posting them on our Facebook site and YouTube, and thanks to Jeff for playing), there are other worship resources available online and on-air. At nclutheran you will discover services recorded from the Synod office by the Bishop and others.  Duke Chapel (some good things do come from Duke!) is providing online worship opportunities at chapel.duke.edu.  “Sing for Joy” is a program carried on a number of radio stations (WVTF, 89.1 at 7:0 am and WCPE at 89.7 at 7:30 am).  The program originates from St. Olaf College, a Lutheran institution noted for its wonderful music  program.  The weekly programs can also be found at https://www.stolaf.edu/singforjoy/.  As noted in our newsletters on a regular basis, “Worship for Shut-Ins” (which describes most of us now) is a half-hour worldwide Lutheran television program available by “Worship Anew” on TCT (The Church Channel), on 377 if you have DirecTV and 7442 on Dish Network.  It is also broadcast on Greensboro’s WLXI Channel 43 (channel 6 on Spectrum). Their services can also be found at https://worshipanew.org/. Short video devotions, “Moments of Comfort”, can be found on Worship Anew’s YouTube channel.  “With Heart and Voice” offers sacred music appropriate to each Sunday of the church year at 7:00 am on WFDD 88.5 and https://www.classical915.org/programs/heart-and-voice. 


APPRECIATION - Kenneth and Edna May want Low’s to know how much they appreciate listening to the chimes from their front Porch.‚Äč